pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits. It can provide strong security authentication, identification, data storage and application processing.

More advantage of Smart Card

  • Have the ability to store data digitally.
  • Practical use for business development.
  • Have the advanced technology to secure data.
  • Have the endurance use ± 10 Years
  • It has a very high security features applicable to store finger print biometric data, financial transactions, and other personal data.

Additional Craft

  • Personalization Card
    • Laser Engrave
    • Inkjet Print/ Thermal Printing (CMYK, White, Black)
  • Special Craft
    • Foil Spot (Gold, Silver, Rainbow, Metallic)
    • Security Ink : UV Invisible Ink, Pearlescent, Optical Variable Ink

Additional Features

  • Security Printing on Card (Guilloche, Rosette etc)
  • Hologram
  • Signature Panel
  • Magnetic Stripe

Two types of Smart Card product

    Contact smart card have a contact area, which provides electrical connectivity when inserted physically into a reader.

Contactless smart card does not need to contact a reader physically, it communicates with and is powered by the reader through RF induction technology to capture some of the radio-frequency signal to process.