An image that made using a laser to present 3D information, with the lamp or light, that seems like rotating or moving and reflects rainbow color. Hologram is a new security technology that continues growing with highest security rate. As a seal that hardly to copy, hologram ensure the product originality of the packaging.

1. Laser Hidden Image
Hidden information, as text/animation that can only be seen with laser pointer
2. Matte Effect
Color with end-coating layer that does not shine or doff
3. Filter Image
Security feature that can only be seen with special equipment
4. Depth Effect
Depth effect with multilayer
5. White Effect
White metal effect with reduction-rainbow shadow
6. Single Color Effect
Basic color such as red, yellow, green, ect

7. Micro Text 30μ
Microscopic text that can be seen only with loop or microscope
8. Flip-Flop Effect
Visual effect as text/picture that looks different on different perspective
9. True Color Effect
A closest color effect of the original picture
10. Kinetic Metal Effect
Moving effect to another picture
11. Litho Effect
A half opacity-rainbow effect
12. Dynamic Effect
360° gradient color effect
14. Lens Effect
Convex, clear, and shine as lens


Hot Stamping Foil
Hologram is applied with heat and pressure in a certain time, so that it looks merged with taped surface, and cannot be peeled

Seal Hologram – BATIK
Hologram leaves batik motif when removed

Seal Hologram – HONEYCOMB
Hologram leaves honeycomb motif when removed

Seal Hologram – POLOS
When the plastic seal is peeled, hologram will stick to the media

Sticker Hologram
Holograms are not broken if removed

Brittle Hologram
Stick tightly with the media, will be broken if removed