1968 with 20 employees UD. Trisakti was build. Due to hard work this company can grow bigger and still developing, even with the simple tools.
1978 UD. Trisakti begun developing rapidly and was allocated in the new place in Jl. Raya Boja No. 9, Jerakah Semarang in 10.000 m2 area with the employee became 60.
1991 UD. Trisakti was changing its name became PT. Trisakti Mustika Graphika. Their product such as continuous form / computer paper, preprinted business form, label printing, stationery.
2003 with the support of the talented employee and the advance tools, PT. Trisakti Mustika Graphika made themselves as futher company in business form.
2006 PT. Trisakti Mustika Graphika begun to expand in the hologram sector with product such as hologram seal, label and overlay.
2007 we hold the authorization in secure hologram material sector from Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) / Botasupal
2008 it begun to try developing in the digital printing sector for security printing, barcode and transactional mailing.
2009 had an authorization in the secure printing document sector by Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN), including: Security design Security document Security hologram Security packaging Plastic card security Label, ticket, security business form, etc. Now the employees are reaching 150 people, talented in their section
and ready to help customer with the best service. PT. Trisakti Mustika Graphika made themselves secure as printing company
that reliable.
2012 February 23rd, PT Trisakti has been certified by Worldwide Quality Assurance in the field of Management System that complies with the requirement of ISO 14001:2004 with the scope: Security Printing,hologram& label and card technology
2013 November 13th, PT Trisakti Has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of SNI ISO 9001:2008 for Manufacture of Security Cards