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UD Trisakti was established in 1968. With the hardwork of 20 employees at that time, UD Trisakti developed rapidly, and changed its name to PT. Trisakti Mustika Graphika in 1991. Through continuous innovation and hardwork, PT. Trisakti Mustika Graphika becomes the world’s leading vendors specialized in the development of smart card products, Hologram printing and Security documents.

Our growth and development
building After 46 years of dedication, PT Trisakti Mustika Graphika continues to develope and give excellent service for our customers and clients. Consistency and integrity are the keys to our success. Through the years of drastic changes in technology, Trisakti company was able to adapt and grow with the changing environment, into the best security printing manufacture in Indonesia.

What we do
PT Trisakti Mustika Graphika is a printing Company that focuses mainly on Smart Card production, Hologram Printing, and Document Security Printing. Also, we offers value added to our products such as Barcode printing to improve the security value to our products. For more information about our products, visit our products department


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